Feasibility Studies Services

Understanding viability of a project

Feasibility study services are used to assess the viability and profitability of an investment project given certain circumstances. It is an analysis undertaken to investigate whether a project will fulfill the objectives of the investor, based on specific market conditions. 

Some types of Feasibilities

Economic Feasibility

Refers to the feasibility of the considered project to produce economic benefits. The tangible and intangible facet of a project must be translated into the economic terms. It is critical even when the project is non-profit in nature..

Financial Feasibility

It looks at the ability of the project management to raise sufficient funds required to implement the proposed project. Also considers other aspects like creditworthiness, loan availability, equity, and loan schedule

Market Feasibility

This feasibility looks at the potential influence of market demand, competitive activities and available market share. Possible competitive activities should be analyzed for early contingency funding and impacts on the operating costs.

Environmental Feasibility

All the environmental concerns raised or forecasted should be addressed, so that proper actions can be taken to cover relevant issues of the environment. A project should acquire the required permits, licenses and approvals at a reasonable cost and in time

Technical Feasibility

Certain important engineering aspects are covered which are necessary for the designing of the project like civil, structural and other relevant aspects. Looks at technical capability of the projected technologies and personnel

Managerial Feasibility

Managerial feasibility is ascertained by certain key elements like employee involvement, demonstrated management availability & capability and commitment. The managerial and organizational structure of the project is addressed

Feasibility study services provide an understanding of whether a project is economically, technically, financially and socially feasible and sustainable, or not. Feasibility studies are done by analysing market trends, assessing demand and supply dynamics, assessing competitors, and determining the project’s financial viability, in addition to technical inputs from industry experts, engineers, architects, financial and marketing specialists, and urban planners. 

Real Estate development is increasingly being undertaken by investors with limited knowledge and understanding of the market. An investment requires informed decision making and market understanding to reduce investment risk.

The GNA Real Estate Feasibility Study Services team has the skills and experience necessary to objectively assess the feasibility of a real estate project and in doing so limit investor exposure. Our approach is market led and extensive primary research is at the core of any project that we undertake.

Feasibility Studies Services

Some merits

  • Provides focus, define goals and develop a plan for successful delivery of the project
  • Identifies the ideal use of the site and outlines possible project alternatives
  • Justifies decisions made identifies reasons not to proceed
  • Identifies new opportunities through research
  • Helps secure funding from financiers
  • Helps attract equity financing
  • Increases probability of project success
  • Provides quality information and can guide on allocation of ownership between Joint venture partners 

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